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Sauza Gold


Sauza Gold is a smooth tequila with the fresh agave taste you expect – plus an extra hint of cooked agave and vanilla. Pale golden hue. Sweet aromas of vanilla and cooked agave layered with orange blossom and almond notes. Cooked agave and sweet caramel balanced with pepper notes.

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Sauza® Gold

Fresh Tequila

Facts That Sell…

Sauza® is the #2 standard tequila brand family*. Sauza® tequila is featured in many of America’s

favorite margaritas**.

Sauza® makes the freshest tasting margaritas due to a proprietary agave pressing process.

Sauza® is the preferred tequila in many On-Premise national accounts. Account margaritas.

Sauza® is the only tequila brand speaking directly to women, important because 50.1% of tequila

drinkers are female!***.

Proof: 80

Aging: Unaged

Taste Profile

Aroma : Vanilla and cooked agave

Taste: Cooked agave and sweet caramel

Finish: Sweet finish with an almond-like astringency

Recommended Mixes

Margarita, Lemon-Lime,


Bronze Medal – 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition



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