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Sartori Valpolicella Ripasso


Colour : bright red, tending to garnet with age.

Nose: fresh, with delicate, attractive aromas typical of the wine, which may recall bitter almonds.
Palate: rich, velvety and balanced, with good body and intensity.

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The term ‘ripasso’ has always had a very specific meaning for producers and oenologists in the Valpolicella. It is a winemaking technique which has a long and consolidated tradition in the area and which, as far as anybody knows, has no equivalent in any other region, in Italy or elsewhere. The ‘ripasso’ system involves macerating Valpolicella wine on the fermented skins of grapes previously used to make Recioto or Amarone. When the new Amarone/Recioto has been racked off the skins, fresh Valpolicella wine is added to the same tank and left in contact with the partially fermented pommace. The aim of the process is to add smoothness and complexity.

Food matching
This wine is perfectly suited to strong dishes such as game, roast meats and, of course, strong cheeses.


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