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Nose: Soft notes of vanilla and sweet pastry, but also cigar tobacco and char. Hints of tropical fruits like pineapple. Fairly straight-forward.
Taste: Somewhat creamy, with sweet malt and caramel, and some spices like cinnamon and pepper. What really stands out is the tobacco.
Finish: Hints of fennel, but mainly sweetness and finally a whisper of smoke.

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Mars Maltage “Cosmo” is a blended malt whisky made by Hombo Mars, consisting of both Japanese and Scotch whisky. The Japanese whisky for this blend was produced by Shinshu Mars, a distillery that lies at an altitude of over 2,600 feet in the Japanese alps. It’s unknown from where the Scotch malt whiskies were sourced. “Cosmo” refers to the iconic mountain near the Mars Shinshu Distillery.


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