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Mars Cosmo Manzanilla Cask


Top: A fig, dried banana chips, and apricot tea.

Palate: Soft and rich aromas like dried fruits, brown sugar and maple syrup that came from the casks.

After: Finishes with a slight bitterness, coconut and chocolate flavors in harmony.

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2021 Limited Edition of Cosmo. The creation of Cosmo brought its complexity and mixture of taste by blending different types of malts. Adding to its round and pleasant honey sweetness, you will feel its fruity and dry flavor from the Manzanilla Sherry Cask.

First of all, the base “Mars Maltage Cosmo” with Mars whisky blending technology by vatting multiple different types of malt whisky. Blended malt whisky expresses complexity and depth. In a plump sweet scent of honey and caramel with a hint of smoky flavor and ripe fruit aroma. A whiskey with a round, soft and gentle finish. The product name “Cosmo” is one of the mountains connected to the Central Alps of Japan. It was named after “Mt. Kosmo (elevation 2614m)”. From the name Kosmo, which reminds of the universe and the label design is based on the image of the night sky looking up from the distillery.


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